Father of the Year takes Talbert House project to heart

When Ronald Smith-Yisrael first enrolled in the Talbert House Fatherhood Project in May 2008, he was essentially homeless and trying to find food and shelter for his five children. This month, he’ll be honored as Father of the Year and help lead a new celebration of nurturing and loving fathers at Sawyer Point June 19.

Smith-Yisrael had just obtained physical custody of his children when he started 10 weeks of free classes called Nurturing Fathers.

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Goodwill’s NFP Helps Lead Dads Down the Road to Success

Goodwill believes every child deserves a good dad; a man who actively provides guidance, love and support for the children in his life. Through its Nurturing Fathers program Goodwill helps men develop the skills needed to be successful role models who support their families.

Participants learn positive discipline tools, effective family communication techniques, conflict resolution skills and how to achieve cooperation and teamwork in family life. 

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Fathers Change Their Lives

   Sunday’s event congratulated dads who completed the 13 week Nurturing Fathers for Life program. A Program designed to keep father’s in their children’s lives. Accomplishing the class led dads to make emotional pledges. Their promise is to take what they learned and apply it to their own lives.

“It is an opportunity for us to turn the hearts of father’s to their children and abolish father absence,” said executive director Burl Lemon.

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Johnson gives his children a father’s greatest gift

Johnson gives his children a father’s greatest gift


“Here is the link to my article, http://www.sjahs.org/.  This article was actually published and sent out to over 15’000 people so it was pretty amazing to have that happen. I must say Mark that your fathering program is amazing and I have seen amazing results with the men I am working with and just want to say God Bless to you, you are truly inspiring!!!”

Joe Johnson

Note:  “Fatherhood Skills Classes” use the 13-week Nurturing Father’s Program.

PAPAs: Providing Resources for Teen Fathers

The PAPAs program is an effort to improve parenting skills among teenagers in the community.  It was created by Good Samaritan Community Service in collaboration with the Children’s Issue Council of the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County.

Our program targets teenage fathers city wide. Participants should have children ages 5 or younger.  We welcome all fathers regardless of their custodial status. We are also glad to accept teenage stepfathers.

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“The Father I Choose To Be” Statements

NFP Special:  Fathers to Children

“The Father I Choose To Be” Statements

On Graduation Night, after completing the 13-week Nurturing Father’s Program,
each father reads a statement that he has written to his children and family.
This statement reflects his recent growth and new commitment as a father. It is
entitled “The Father I Choose To Be”.

Since 1998, I have had the privilege of personally being
present at some of these graduations or received the
statements in the mail. They are from deep in the hearts and
souls of men who are part of the legions of Nurturing
Fathers who are “there” for their children, and who are
quietly changing the face of fatherhood in American culture
and throughout the world.

I have chosen to share just a few of these “The Father I
Choose To Be” statements (while respecting the privacy of
the men who wrote them).

Mark Perlman

“Gentleness is an attribute of the strong. I choose to
be gentle, encouraging, and fun. I choose to serve my family, to let
wholesome words come from me. To handle frustration maturely, not to lash
out when upset. I choose to teach my children how to properly express
emotions, both by being a teacher and by example. I choose to serve my
family as their father, to provide a nurturing atmosphere for all their
needs, hopes and aspirations, successes and failures, good times and bad
times. I choose to love my family in thought, in word and in deed. I choose
to commit myself to these things because my family deserves my best. I
choose to be my best, because I also reap the rewards, and I deserve that

Florence, KY


“Dear ____:

Time and circumstance have kept us apart. Now, love and trust will keep us
inseparable. You will always be with me, and I with you; whether in mind,
physically, or spiritually. You are the greatest gift a man could ever get
and that makes me the luckiest father, ever.

There is a lot to learn in this “New World” you are seeing and I want to
show and teach you everything I can. You are loving, smart, and beautiful
and these characteristics will grow as your mind and body do the same. I am
here now, and will always be here, for you and any concerns, questions, or
problems you encounter. Eventually, you’ll be a woman with your own life,
and then maybe you’ll have some answers for me as your generation inherits
the world.

I am proud of the perfect little girl you are and can’t wait to see the
person you grow into…

I love you, and that will never end. I’m your daddy and that too, will never

With Infinite Love,

Your Daddy”

Florence, KY