Scheduled Trainings

Nurturing Father’s Facilitator Training
2-Day Workshop (Virtual)

August 19-20, 2024

Cost: $450 per person (includes training workbooks)
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm daily (Eastern time)
Master Trainers: Brenda McGovan, MPA F.L.E,  Nurturing Parenting® Program Trainer/Consultant, CQ Certified Facilitator
Questions : call 404-481-8208

virtual training carol lapin
Nurturing Father’s Facilitator Training
August 20-22, 2024

Cost: $450 per person (includes curriculum, training workbook and supplies)
Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm daily (Eastern time), with lunch break 12-1pm
Master Trainers: Carol Lapin
Questions : call 859-538-1620 or email

Virtual 3 Day Nurturing Fathers and
Marriage & Parenting Training

September 11-13, 2024

Cost: $400 per person +books
7am- 2:30pm Pacific/West Coast/ 9am- 4:30pm Central/ 10am- 5:30pm East Coast
Master Trainer: Jennifer Moss, MA, MFT
Register Online at and click on ‘Attend a Training’ or click here: Schedule Appointment with Professional Nurturing Parenting® Program Facilitator and Refresher Trainings with Jen Moss MFT (
For more information:  call 808-281-1494 or email: