Finally…a self-instructional guide for fathers.

A Nurturing Father’s Journal: The Workbook for Strengthening Men’s  Parenting Skills and Attitudes

by Mark Perlman

What job is more important and requires a higher level of skill and understanding than fathering? Yet we undertake this challenge with no clear set of instructions or box of tools for the job. “A Nurturing Father’s Journal” is a book filled with useful information and tools for successful fathering. But it is much more than just that! It is a workbook that guides each father/man in capturing and exploring his unique history, experiences, values, and attitudes. The 24 short chapters together represent a personalized blueprint for creating nurturing relationships with children, spouse/co-parent, and all family members. Some of the topics addressed in this Journal include:  a unique approach to discipline (that every man can relate to); dealing with feelings; managing anger and resolving conflicts; play; fathering sons/fathering daughters; teaching values and being a role model; cultural perspectives; teamwork within the family; issues around work and fathering; and much more. As an outgrowth of the author’s nationally successful curriculum, “A Nurturing Father’s Program”, this Journal promises new growth and awareness for all men who care for children. ISBN#  0-9662927-2-3   PRICE:   $22.00 (Order by Phone, Fax, or Mail) PRINTABLE ORDER FORM