Training and Professional Development

Interested in becoming a Consultant/Trainer for Nurturing Fathers?  Contact Mark directly at

Mark is available for workshops, training, and
consultation on a variety of fathering and parenting topics.

Training workshops include the popular series,
The Way of the Nurturing Father.  Sessions are from 1½ to 3
hours, and include topics such as:

  • Positive Discipline/Team Sports
  • Fathering Sons and Fathering Daughters
  • Ten Tips for Being a Great Dad
  • Nurturing Relationships Through Communication
  • My Father and Me/Roots
  • Parenting Together/The Art of Teamwork
  • Teenage Children/A Parent’s Survival Kit
  • Newborns/Being There for Mom and Baby

Mark also presents full day training workshops of
topics such as:

There is a new paradigm for fathering in the Millennium.  It is a shift from the older model of the distant, unavailable, uninvolved male parent (who emphasized dominance and control) to an involved, emotionally and physically present father (who emphasizes a more shared, cooperative, helpful style).  I term this paradigm shift in male power: from “Power-over” toward “Power-To.”  This holds potential benefits for children, women/mothers, and for these men/fathers.

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