FATHERING is one of the most important jobs we do!

Facilitator’s Manual

Facilitator’s Manual

NTP workbook


The Nurturing Father’s Program is a 13-week group-based program for developing attitudes and skills for male nurturance. The group of 8 to 16 fathers meet weekly for 2½ hours.

Participants will learn:

  1. The secrets for creating safe, loving, stable, and nurtured families.
  2. Positive discipline tools taught through a uniquely father-friendly method for successful child behavior management.
  3. Effective family communication techniques to strengthen the father-child and father-mother relationships.
  4. How to stop fighting and arguing by using proven-effective strategies for conflict resolution and problem solving.
  5. How to achieve cooperation and teamwork in family life.

Program materials include:

  • Two (2) comprehensive Facilitator’s Manuals with step-by-step instructions for achieving specific learning objectives during each 2½ hour weekly group meeting.
  • Twenty (20) companion Father’s Journals, an interactive workbook completed by each group member to enhance their knowledge and growth.
  • A set of charts/posters to be used as teaching aids.An audio tape with prerecorded guided visualization activities.
  • Evaluation forms and certificates of achievement.

Program activities address:

  1. The Roots of Fathering
  2. Nurturing Ourselves/Our Children
  3. Fathering Sons/Fathering Daughters
  4. Discipline Without Violence
  5. Playing with Children
  6. Managing Anger/Resolving Conflict
  7. Teamwork with Spouse/Partner
  8. Balancing Work and Fathering
  9. Communication and Problem Solving
  10. Cultural Influences
  11. Dealing with Feelings
  12. The Father I Choose To Be

To implement the NFP program, you must use the NFP Facilitator Manual and Workbooks.