Training and Professional Development

Interested in becoming a Consultant/Trainer for Nurturing Fathers? 
To implement the NFP program, you must use the NFP Facilitator Manual and Workbooks. Contact Mark directly at

Master Trainers are available for workshops, training, and
consultation on a variety of fathering and parenting topics.

Training workshops include topics such as

  • Positive Discipline/Team Sports
  • Fathering Sons and Fathering Daughters
  • Ten Tips for Being a Great Dad
  • Nurturing Relationships Through Communication
  • My Father and Me/Roots
  • Parenting Together/The Art of Teamwork
  • Teenage Children/A Parent’s Survival Kit
  • Newborns/Being There for Mom and Baby

Mark also presents full day training workshops of
topics such as:

There is a new paradigm for fathering in the Millennium.  It is a shift from the older model of the distant, unavailable, uninvolved male parent (who emphasized dominance and control) to an involved, emotionally and physically present father (who emphasizes a more shared, cooperative, helpful style).  I term this paradigm shift in male power: from “Power-over” toward “Power-To.”  This holds potential benefits for children, women/mothers, and for these men/fathers.

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