“The Nurturing Father’s Program has Changed my Life”


                The nurturing father program has changed my life.  Life’s circumstances kept my son and I from being in each other’s lives until he was nine years old.  At that point I obviously didn’t know how to be a father.  My father and I tended to avoid each other while I was growing up so there was no help there. 

                When Trevor moved in, there was a lot of arguing and fighting.  After about a year, I was referred to the Nurturing Family Center.  I was amazed and relieved that the program was free.  I went into the class skeptical, but decided the techniques were worth a try.  I noticed within two weeks Trevor and I were arguing less.  Every week life in my house kept getting easier.  After approximately four weeks I noticed that not only was life easier, but we were talking more.  Trevor was a shy kid, didn’t really know how to express his feelings and then seemingly overnight he was talking to me about everything going on in his life.  By the end of the twelve week program, my house runs like clockwork, and more importantly, my son smiles and laughs, a lot.  Our relationship has strengthened to the point that our family counselor told us that we don’t need to go anymore.  Counseling can’t do anything for us that we haven’t already done (and do every day).

                After seeing the success of everything I worked on with Trevor, I decided to adapt the techniques and reconnect with my dad.  I was again amazed with the results.  It’s been about four months since my program has ended, and in that four months my dad and I have talked more than we have in the last 18 years.  I am finally getting to know the man that raised me and I’m grateful for this opportunity.  Even my mom has commented that since we’ve been talking, the entire family has been closer. 

                My family life has changed so much because of this program.  I can’t thank everyone enough.  I am eternally grateful to Chris, Tom, and everyone involved with this organization.  I am now an overall happier person because of how strong my family has become.

received on June 27, 2012

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